Why travel with Tripmeo ?

Our mission at Tripmeo is to provide travelers with a safe, convenient, and affordable way to find accommodation at a variety of international destinations while making sure that homeowners have a simple way to increase their income through property rentals.

With Tripmeo you can easily book someone's house, apartment, or room for a short stay without having to worry about overbooked hotels and busy tourist locations. Just about every kind of quality accommodation from private flats in exotic foreign locations to shared rooms in vibrant European city centers can be found with Tripmeo.


Live like a local - not like a tourist Less expensive compared to hotels A safer way to pay Comfortable and cozy - just like home Guaranteed quality Free and efficient customer service

Live like a local - not like a tourist

Tired of following the typical tourist route and not really getting a chance to experience an adventure or discover things on your own? Your host at an Tripmeo room or apartment will likely know where the best shops, bars, cafes, and dining spots are. Find unique sights and fun activities that other tourists might not have been able to discover and enjoy quality accommodation like a local.

Less expensive compared to hotels

Tripmeo apartments offer outstanding accommodation at many of the best locations, and this is available at very affordable prices. All of the rooms, apartments, and houses are well-equipped and provide similar accommodation quality to many hotels (and often at a better price). Take advantage of the private kitchen to cook your own inexpensive, delicious meals with the local ingredients and save even more money.

A safer way to pay

When you make a payment with Tripmeo, your funds will be held until arrival at your accommodation has been confirmed and provided by your host. Your host will only receive payment 2 days after you begin your stay. With Tripmeo it is no longer necessary to pay unknown hosts in advance.

Comfortable and cozy - just like home

Some might find it hard to explain, but most agree that it just feels so much better to walk into a well-furnished home that looks like someone has spent a lot of time taking care if it and not a corporate-looking hotel room that might look stylish but lacks that cozy simplicity. With wide, spacious areas, private living rooms, and kitchens, you get to live in a beautiful place that, while not really your own, will definitely feel a lot like home and will help to provide you with a more comfortable and relaxing travel experience.

Guaranteed quality

Accommodation on Tripmeo is constantly quality-checked by our dedicated staff before being published. Guests are allowed to rate individual properties after their stay, which ensures that site information is kept up-to-date. Finally, if you can't check in or if the accommodation you booked looks remarkably different from the one described on Tripmeo, claim the Tripmeo guarantee by calling within 24 hours of arrival.

Free and efficient customer service

If you have any questions about the booking process or if you encounter any problems, feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team.

How to book a place to stay with Tripmeo and discover a more personal style of traveling.

  • 1Find an apartment, house, or room

    Just select your preferred destination, choose your travel dates, and use the advanced search filters to make your request more specific (i.e. number of bathrooms, whether or not there is a balcony, number of bedrooms, etc.). Once your search results load, click on individual offers to find the place you like best. You can also use the built-in messaging system to contact hosts if you have any questions.
  • 4Have an amazing trip

    Once you arrive, your host will show you around the property and hand over the keys to you. You will then be able to enjoy your trip a bit more like a local, and less like a tourist. To stay on the safe side, we only transfer funds to your host 24 hours after your arrival.
  • 2Make your booking

    After you find a place that you like and have made sure it is available on your preferred travel dates, click "Book Now" and proceed to follow booking steps.
  • 5Don't forget to write a review

    Help us improve booking services by taking the time to write a short review about your stay. Your review will help future guests to make good choices when searching for personal accommodation. This will go a long way towards ensuring that travel experiences with Tripmeo are safe, enjoyable, and reliable for everyone.
  • 3Receive confirmation

    Once you have successfully submitted your booking request to Tripmeo, the host will still have to choose to accept it. If booking is accepted within 24 hours, contact information, the property address, and any other relevant information will be forwarded to you. Your booking is only final once the host has accepted it. Otherwise, your funds will be returned to your Paypal or bank account within 24 hours of booking.