See the world through a locals eyes!

About us

Our story began nearly a decade ago, and has weaved its way from the magical country of Italy, right through to the company we are today, a website dedicated to unique holiday experiences, where you can see the world through the eyes of locals.

It all started during a one year student exchange programme, where we met as a group of travellers, from all corners of the globe. After a year of adventure, which was spent learning about local cultures, traditions and of course each other, we knew that we had to eventually return to reality in our own countries, realising that we couldn\'t live that this forever. After spending such an intense amount of time together, we decided to keep in contact. From there we created a small community website, where we uploaded photos, shared stories, gave advice on the best places to stay, visit, eat and of course to have fun. The best part of this community was that each of us was getting travel advice that was hard to come by; travel advice from locals! Visit your local travel agency to plan a trip, and you certainly wouldn\'t be able to come across this kind of inside info. Needless to say, our travel experiences were far richer by having these priceless nuggets of information.

And so an idea was born; a website dedicated to seeing the world through the eyes of locals. And nearly ten years later, this dream has become a reality. Tripmeo believes that people from far and wide should discover and experience the world as if they were locals, just as we have been doing over the years. The philosophy of our business was built on our shared experiences of connecting with new people, new places and new cultures, and to bring a selection of travel ideas, from around the world, together.

People will often fly off to far and distant lands, hardly ever discovering the heart and soul of their destination. They book into commercialised hotels and restaurants that almost every traveller experiences, not knowing how and where to uncover the true sense of a city. But with Tripmeo this is no longer the only option. Travellers can now experience their holiday as a local, by renting accommodation from a local owner and exploring the road less travelled.

How does it work?

Quite simply, you choose your accommodation from a selection of homes or apartments on our website, which are rented out by the owners. Renting a home is far more comfortable and personal than staying in a hotel. You decide whether you would like to share with a local to meet new people, or rent a little piece of heaven all on your own. You browse and choose what catches your eye and we manage the rest for you.

What makes us different?

We have local teams, on the ground, finding the best accommodation there is to offer, suiting every budget and every taste. As our teams live in these cities, they know the best areas to stay and they understand the culture, giving you peace of mind that whatever accommodation you may choose it has been scouted out by a local and been given the stamp of approval.